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Controlling Ableton with a Web Browser


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I've been thinking about how audiences can interact with a performing electronic musician.  Since everyone has a phone with a browser these days, I thought it would be cool if audience members could connect to a wireless network and trigger loops from my laptop.  It took a short time to put together and I would call it a prototype.  The final system ended up being Browser -> Apache/PHP -> OSCulator -> Ableton Live .  I imagine that with the power of MAX for Live, you could get rid of the OSCulator part and just accept OSC messages straight from the PHP script.

Hip Hop Tools and Techniques


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I've never been much of a hip hop producer.  I've never had an MPC or used samples very often.  I've done a bit of sample chopping, but it's typically been my own performances, chopped up and rearranged.  I've tried to make hip-hop from scratch and hopefully those compositions did offend anyone with the label of 'hip hop'.  I've always felt that something is missing in my track - maybe what is missing is 'the sample'.  Not just a drum hit, but samples of dense, textured and rich sounds from the mid to late 1900's.  

Upgrading your music Mac to OS X Lion


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I did a silly thing the other day.  I upgraded to Lion - the first release of an operating system update.  I'm a user of Logic, Native Instruments, Aalto and a few other plugins.  My brain said no, but my nerdy right hand said "yes, buy, OK, confirm, yes".  Don't do it without a backup.  You've been warned.  Audio plugins and programs are notorious for breaking on x.0 revisions.

The Aalto Synthesizer and


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The past few weeks, in my spare time, I've been playing with a software synthesizer called the Aalto, from Madrona Labs.  It's modeled after a Buchla synthesizer, which is probably out of the price range for most of us.  The Aalto is $100 USD, which is reasonable for the rich and textured sound this software creates.  It's modeled after a modular synth, but it's not fully modular - it's hardwired at certain points, but you still have the patching and tweaking of a modular.

Flyaway Tigers - Album



For the first time ever, you can now pay real internet bucks to download the Flyaway Tigers self titled album.  $2.99 gets you 10 tracks in your choice of formats, lyrics and album artwork.  Rumors abound of a new album in the works to be released sometime this year.  We hope you enjoy!

Check it out at

GarageBand and SooperLooper



I've been doing a bit of research for some looping videos on - trying to push the limits of what you would think GarageBand can do.  Unfortunately the limits have been adjusted downwards lately in the name of usability.  Maybe I shouldn't have given up so easily, but I think I'm done.  One problem is that GarageBand automatically adjusts latency, where you used to be able to pick your latency, that is no longer an option.  Good for the average user I suppose.  This would lead to problems with using Jack to pipe audio around - al

Recorded this on my iPad using GarageBand



I used the onboard microphone on the iPad to record this little snippet.  Had to put it all the way across the room to do the drums - there's still not input gain on the thing.  I wonder if that's a hardware limitation....

Totally mixed on the ipad using the onboard compression effect on the external mic/ small room setting.  Doesn't really sound horrible, does it?

Selling Videos...



So if you haven't figured out yet, I've been busting my hump on lately - it's been evolving into a bit of an obsession.  I've spent a ridiculous amout of time making this new video on how to record drums with two SM57's into GarageBand - and mix it - using, you guessed it, GarageBand.  I blab a little bit about microphones and drum tuning and then record a bit and show how to mix it.  Probably a bit basic for most of the people on this site, but who knows. 

Room Boom Kit



The Room Boom Kit is done.  Get it at -

This kit is a bit of a bad ass – not for the audio surgeon in you. Recorded in mono with a single overhead Electro-Voice RE10 and the Audio-Technica 4047 out front of the kick.  This kit brings the solid sound.  It is not transparent, clean, or modern.  It’s driven, loud, and roomy.  Boom.

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