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Recorded this on my iPad using GarageBand



I used the onboard microphone on the iPad to record this little snippet.  Had to put it all the way across the room to do the drums - there's still not input gain on the thing.  I wonder if that's a hardware limitation....

Totally mixed on the ipad using the onboard compression effect on the external mic/ small room setting.  Doesn't really sound horrible, does it?

Room Boom Drum Kit Preview



I've been working on a new drum kit this weekend.  Replaced the heads (all the heads!) on my drum kit and tuned that sucker up.  Set up a minimal mic array and went to town.  Here is a little preview of the sound.  I have some more testing a improvements to make, but since my last kit was so highly acclaimed, this bad boy will but up for sale on

WireTap Theme Song



I'm a fan of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Wiretap radio show.  It used to be on NPR here, but we got rid of it for some worthless show - however, I only listened via podcast, so no matter.  They are having a theme song 'contest', which I just submitted for.  Here is the submission for your listening pleasure.

Komplete 7 - Kiosks 3



Another fun little loop using Komplete. Uses the Abbey Road drums, Lazer Bass with Guitar Rig distortion and a vintage organ.

Komplete 7 - Kiosks 1



Here's one of the first things i got going after installing Komplete 7.

Sole Remixes


Blog Post: 

I have some versions of some sole songs I did today up here:

Play this for your cat



A song I made with some samples from my cat.  She thinks there's a cat in my speakers now.

PenSong by Sam Squarewave




I created this track with a few samples from a papermate xtend gel pen.  I clicked the pen a few times, unscrewed it and plucked the spring a few times.  Inspiration came from the impossible acoustic blog pen experiment.  My had fewer moving parts to manipulate than his, but I was able to make some interesting sounds with only a few basic clicks and tones.


TriPedal by Sam Squarewave



Trying out a drum set I made out of samples from someone on 


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