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Max for Live Abstractions


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Max is a visual environment for making your own MIDI, audio and video contraptions.  I've been learning how to use it since I got my early present last week - Max for Ableton Live.  

Using Max, you can now interact with Ableton in ways that were either not possible, or only possible using python - a programming language for people who like to concern themselves with whitespace.

Ableton Lounge Kit


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Here's a kit recorded by miaoux miaoux which I saw on the monome forums here

Once again, two versions: simpler and sampler. The simpler version has been been put into an instrument rack and the macro knobs are mapped to some effects. Have fun with those knobs.

Miaoux Miaoux has some music up here:

I'm particularly enjoying the first track right now - hrvatski.

Ableton Live Drum Pack


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I've converted my EXS24 Sonor drum kit into an Ableton Live Instrument rack which uses the Sampler instrument. You'll need to own that plugin. There are several chains holding samplers. After you've installed and opened the pack, click the downward pointing arrow next to "SamsSonor" on the SamsSonor track. You'll see the subgroups where you can mix and add effects. Enjoy! Update: I've also added the simpler version.

Free EXS24 Beat Box Kit


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Free beat box EXS24 kit for your enjoyment. Samples are dry, recorded with Sennheiser e602. Preview MP3 track is attached.

SooperLooper Display on IPhone


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I've been working on a new live setup which uses SooperLooper - the bad ass looping software for OS X and Linux.

Free EXS24 and samples - Circuit Bending a Casio


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NOTE:  Use batteries when doing this - touching the power supplies while plugged into a wall socket can lead to health issues or death!Here is a instrument I made by taking apart an old casio keyboard and tying a copper wire between two tiny screwdrivers and touching solder points that were never meant to be connected. If you've never done this and you have an old keyboard around, give it a try. I've mapped the low bass sound to outputs 3-4 and the tapping sounds at the top of the keyboard to 5-6. Below is an example of this instrument in use.

Free EXS24 Drumkit and Samples


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This is my Sonor Force 3001 sampled and painstakingly placed into EXS24. There at least 4 velocity levels for each sound. Many more for the snare and kick.  Thousands have gone before you - download it with assurance you will have tasty drums coming forth from your amplified speaker system.

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