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Upgrading your music Mac to OS X Lion


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I did a silly thing the other day.  I upgraded to Lion - the first release of an operating system update.  I'm a user of Logic, Native Instruments, Aalto and a few other plugins.  My brain said no, but my nerdy right hand said "yes, buy, OK, confirm, yes".  Don't do it without a backup.  You've been warned.  Audio plugins and programs are notorious for breaking on x.0 revisions.

Control Logic using your iOS device - officially.


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Control Logic with your iOS device by buying TouchOSC, the extremely useful application for your iDevices.  That's a new feature in the latest Logic update.  The somewhat limited line item in the release notes doesn't explain much so I did a little bit of hunting about.

The creators of TouchOSC have a press blurb outlining the usage scenario:

Creating and cleaning your own samples in Logic


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So you're creating a sampled and layered instrument. Maybe it's a drumkit or a set of bells.

In my case I sat at my drumkit and recorded all microphones. I hit the snare from very soft to very loud. I then did the same for every other drum.

De-essing your vocals


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Something I rarely do is de-ess vocals. It's always been something that didn't really bother me in the past. The other day I wrote a new song that included the lyrics: Floating through space, haven't seen a face in so long. You spin you go round the sun.

I played it on the home stereo and it was very apparent. The S sounds were nasty sounding. They didn't pop out on my studio speakers or headphones, but they really distracted on the consumer equipment for some reason.

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