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The Aalto Synthesizer and


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The past few weeks, in my spare time, I've been playing with a software synthesizer called the Aalto, from Madrona Labs.  It's modeled after a Buchla synthesizer, which is probably out of the price range for most of us.  The Aalto is $100 USD, which is reasonable for the rich and textured sound this software creates.  It's modeled after a modular synth, but it's not fully modular - it's hardwired at certain points, but you still have the patching and tweaking of a modular.

Absentee Poupourri


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We're in the process of buying a house and it seems like I haven't been doing much music related exploration lately, hence the posting has been a bit sparse.  I'll have a music room that will be roughly twice as large.  More ceiling room and concrete floors which will liven the drums up a bit.  My current room can be a bit dead - but it's been a good thing, since I'm no acoustics expert.

Sam Squarewave on Bandcamp


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I put this bandcamp page up today which has a sampling of the first quarter my new musical collection.

Numbers Stations


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I have a track on a netlabel release.  Download it for free...



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My drum samples for logic have been downloaded 1000 times. I'm glad people are enjoying them!



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I'm working on a new site called PatchDump.

The concept is simple. Upload your patches and share with friends and strangers.

It is possible to find patches on the net, but you have to go around to random newsgroups and user groups. So I thought, "Why not create a site where you could find patches for all your software and hardware?"

You can upload a patch file of any type as well as an MP3 file showing the patch off. Then you tag it with relevant tags.

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