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Hip Hop Tools and Techniques


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I've never been much of a hip hop producer.  I've never had an MPC or used samples very often.  I've done a bit of sample chopping, but it's typically been my own performances, chopped up and rearranged.  I've tried to make hip-hop from scratch and hopefully those compositions did offend anyone with the label of 'hip hop'.  I've always felt that something is missing in my track - maybe what is missing is 'the sample'.  Not just a drum hit, but samples of dense, textured and rich sounds from the mid to late 1900's.  

Installing Komplete 7


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I'm instaling NI Komplete 7 right now.  Almost done after 3 hours of swapping disks.  It's 90GB off a stack of DVDs which each take about 15-25 minutes to copy to disk.  What a chore to install!  However, there are things you can do to enhance the next few hours you'll be spending exploring the presets - if you're lucky enough to have enough time when finished.

Songwriting and Performance Tips


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These tips masquerade as being written for 'Poetry Slam' performers.
Written by a master of the poetry slam, but seem to be relevant to music, songwriting and performance in general.

Watching internet on the TV


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We've had a computer connected to our TV for the past two years.  Our Samsung 32" LCD has a VGA input.  We had cable for a year since it was coming free with our internet, but cox got stingy and decided to take that away.  For the 5 years before that, I didn't have cable.
We've been sampling the growing bounty of online video which has sprung up in the past few years.  You could say we have been on the bleeding edge of the HTPC (home theater pc) revolution.  We have been experiencing a golden age which I think will be coming to an end soon. 

I'm a mac


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Around 2003 I bought my first mac, a G5 dual 2GHZ

One year later a processor burnt out on it.
Two years after that it likes to shut down randomly and spin the fans up like mad.

Soon after I bought a g4 laptop.

Three years later the logic board burnt out on it.
One year after that was fixed, the battery no longer charges and disconnecting it from the battery shuts it down.

My first IPhone died 4 months after buying it.

3 pairs of IPhone headphones all gradually lost sound in one earbud.

Why is this so hard?


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I've been trying to get a performance setup going with a laptop on OS X leopard, some max/msp apps, sooperlooper and some midi/osc hand and foot controllers.

I'm trying to get sooperlooper to act as a master, slaving max/msp and the sequencer. Max triggers instruments in the sequencer as well.

Apple headphones = crap + ouch!


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I dropped my iPhone on the cement the other day when coming home from work late at night - I must have been delirious. The music started skipping shortly thereafter. I decided to give it a reboot to see if it would fix it. The phone decided to not come back on. I immediately booked an appointment at the Apple store. I went in later that day. They pushed the power button and my old phone came on. They were puzzled - "What's wrong with it?". I walked away, relieved.

Logic 8 Performance Environment Tutorial


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I get into Logic's most lauded feature in this tutorial. Many people say that Logic's MIDI handling power is unparalleled. It's all contained in a page called the environment, where you can route incoming midi into modules that modify the signals.

New Mac NoteBooks


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I've been using a Mac G5 desktop and a G4 Aluminum PowerBook for the past 5 years. Each unit cost around $2500. Ouch. Each unit has broken down once. The G5 had a processor replaced. The PowerBook's logic board started acting up and then bit the dust.

The repair experience was excellent. I'd rather they not break, but stuff happens.

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