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Controlling Ableton with a Web Browser


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I've been thinking about how audiences can interact with a performing electronic musician.  Since everyone has a phone with a browser these days, I thought it would be cool if audience members could connect to a wireless network and trigger loops from my laptop.  It took a short time to put together and I would call it a prototype.  The final system ended up being Browser -> Apache/PHP -> OSCulator -> Ableton Live .  I imagine that with the power of MAX for Live, you could get rid of the OSCulator part and just accept OSC messages straight from the PHP script.


Blog Post: is my site.  Action packed with tutorials and handy tips, it is sucking the tutorial lifeforce from!


Integrate the Alesis Micron with Ableton


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You could do this with most any external midi module/synth/drum machine.  The nice thing about harware is that you don't have to worry about it not working with the latest OS or not being patched by the manufacturer or having to buy an upgrade license every flipping year. 

In this video, I hook up the Alesis Micron to Ableton Live and control it with the MicronAU plugin.  I also drop some stuff and make alot of mistakes, so you should enjoy it. 


Creating and cleaning your own samples in Logic


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So you're creating a sampled and layered instrument. Maybe it's a drumkit or a set of bells.

In my case I sat at my drumkit and recorded all microphones. I hit the snare from very soft to very loud. I then did the same for every other drum.

Mainstage 2 and Loopback. The Trilogy.


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Mainstage is a live performance host for logic and other Audio Unit plugins. Mainstage 2 brings a few new features, a looper and a backing track unit. All the pieces are there for a wonderful live tool, and I'll show you ONE WAY to assemble them.

Recording drums using the Glynn Johns + heart mic setup.


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Playing the drums is easy, playing them well takes years. The same might be said for recording them. They are the most difficult instrument to record. I don't claim to be a master, but I've come a long way from my first days of recording. I was doing a bit of work on it yesterday and thought I would document it.

Building your own acoustic panels


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There comes a point in your amateur/semi-professional recording/producing career when hanging blankets from the walls, filling a room with random objects or egg crates don't do the trick.  You need sound treatment that actually does the job and doesn't take up too much room.  The treatment will need to smooth out the horrible bass problems, imaging problems and other things that will cause you problems when mixing and recording.  These problems get worse for smaller rooms.

Live looping setup tutorial


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SooperLooper Mainstage and Max/Msp from sam_square on Vimeo. This shows you the ins and outs of setting up a live performance system with some nifty software called SooperLooper, midi patchpay, max/msp and MainStage. SooperLooper and Midi Patchbay are shareware and freeware respectively. Nuff said. Substitute your DAW for MainStage.


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