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We got a new camcorder today - the panasonic HDC-tm700. They've come a long long way since I was a kid - but what hasn't technology-wise?

It's got the HD and 3 sensors, which used to be a feature you could only get on cameras costing a few thousand clams. This means it works very well in low light - which is most shooting conditions indoors. I plan on using this for audiopropellor extensively - I'm going to do a few videos on recording drums and mixing them. 

Of course it beats the pants off of the iPhone camera, which I've been using for all of my performance videos. 

It also has timelapse on it, which my wonderful wife listed as her first requirement - as this was her birthday present!  It also has audio inputs and outputs and adjustable parameters for the onboard 5.1 microphone. 

Did I mention it could probably fit in my pocket? 

Ableton Live Performance


Blog Post: 

Here is a video of a little tune I had going the other night.  Everything is inside Ableton Live, including the monome patches.  VERY fun to use.


The Remix


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Many moons ago I made this video using sooperlooper in mainstage. I worked up the first few parts and then layed them down and improvised the rest.

I was then contacted by colossaldj who wanted to do a remix of it.  I humbly accepted - it being my first remix offer, I was quite excited.  Here is the result!!


Be sure to check out his soundcloud - colossaldj


Aria from UCLA mouthful of birds production


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I worked with Efrain again on another musical shocker. Unfortunately I only got to see it one time. It's surprising how things fade from my memory in just a year or two. Here is one of the Aria's - wonderfully performed.

Mainstage 2 Performance


Blog Post: 

So I built a little clamp to attach my iPhone to a tripod a shot a video of myself running Mainstage 2 and Soyuz.

This is totally improvised, and I play by ear, so there are some bad notes while I fish around for the good stuff. Enjoy!

MainStage 2 Looping Peformance


Blog Post: 

Here is an adlib performance on the brand new MainStage 2 software from Apple.

My Monome Video


Blog Post: 

I made this little animation to explain the monome. It was posted on the monome home page and a bunch of blogs. It has 18k views so far which is very, very cool.

Codeword Show in Las Cruces


Blog Post: 

Codeword Zefferina is a band from Las Cruces, NM - and we played a show with them last weekend. Richard said it would be their last show as they had hit 'the wall'. They nevertheless, put on a kick ass show. I taped a bit of it and you can view beyond the break...

Sidechaining Tutorial


Blog Post: 

In this video, I show a few creative uses of sidechaining in Logic 8.


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