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Hi, I'm Sam Greene and you're on my site that's mostly about making music with computers.

This site is full of my experiments, music, tutorials and thoughts.  I've dabbled in computer music ever since I saw an ad for computer recording software in a guitar magazine sometime around 1997 - MAGIX music studio.  Since then I've picked up all sorts of musical toys and tools and expanded my gear to accomodate an entire band.  I've done a bit of production work on musicals and recorded a dozen or two bands and artists.  I make rock (pop rock?) and electronic music when I can get up the courage.

I do a little dabbling in electronics, programming and web design.  I have a wonderful wife and daughter.  

I like to make screencasts that teach people how to make music.

patch virtual synthesizers and make sampled drumsets.  I sell hip hop beats!

I've played in a few bands.

I read and respond to emails from readers via my contact form or comments.

So glad you stopped by!