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Control Logic using your iOS device - officially.


Blog Post: 

Control Logic with your iOS device by buying TouchOSC, the extremely useful application for your iDevices.  That's a new feature in the latest Logic update.  The somewhat limited line item in the release notes doesn't explain much so I did a little bit of hunting about.

The creators of TouchOSC have a press blurb outlining the usage scenario:

"All one needs to do is to start up Logic Pro or Express, make sure the iDevice is connected to the same WiFi network as the music production computer, go to TouchOSC’s network configuration page and select the name of the machine running Logic. Voila! Everything should be set up and ready to go in perfect harmony. As usual firewalls might prevent this miracle from happening, so if you run into any trouble, try disabling your network security software temporarily and try again."

Update your device to the latest version of TouchOSC and you should now see a layout called LogicPad or LogicTouch.  Choose that layout and Logic will prompt you to use it.  If you are not prompted for it, go to Logic Pro > preferences > control surfaces > Setup...

Dive down into the control surfaces setup:

Add a New Device:

You should now be hooked up.

A quick review of the layouts show that they can control the track volumes, pan, send levels and other more advanced aspects such as the automation mode.  You can also apply eq to each track, which will automatically enable the eq for the track, which is intuitive, but somehow still amazing.  The iPad layout has a page for instrument settings, which I'll be investigating as soon as I can.

So very nice of them to get this working.  Works without any OSC to MIDI converters.  Start the app and it's on.  I haven't been able to get the iPad to transmit to Logic yet, but haven't given it any effort aside from changing the ports to 7000/7001.  Hopefully a little prodding at it should do the trick.