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This is a list of helpful links if you're interested in what you see here and would like to have the tools to do it yourself, or find out more info. My site for Aalto Patches. You can upload your patch, tell everyone what runs it and how it sounds. My site for video tutorials on music production using the Mac.

Logic Studio Fully featured digital audio recording with mixing, scoring and advanced midi routing and effects. No native VST support out-of-box. Rewire host. Here for fix.

Mainstage Easy to use performance tool for Mac. Rewire host.

Logic Studio forums Many helpful people live here.

Yahoo FCB Group A great place for additional information on the FCB1010 foot controller - a great controller for mainstage.

Uno Chip Some people sell these chips for ~$10. This lets you update the unit with the computer, hands free(no need to change fcb mode to send/receive).

Ableton LIve For me, Live's defining feature is it's time-stretching: it sounds excellent and happens instantly. Over the years it has added features you would expect on a full featured DAW, and has some very exciting features in the latest release. It's fairly stable software on Mac and PC. Supports VST, AU, more. Rewire slave/host. Can be controlled with Python API.

Monome Controller Fully configurable lighted=button-grid controller. I connects to you computer with USB and sends and receives messages using OpenSoundControl. You can program it with anything that supports OSC - max/msp, PD, Python, Chuck, Processing.

max/msp You connect little boxes together that make sound and do other amazing things. It works with midi and audio. Jitter does video.