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I'm a mac


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Around 2003 I bought my first mac, a G5 dual 2GHZ

One year later a processor burnt out on it.
Two years after that it likes to shut down randomly and spin the fans up like mad.

Soon after I bought a g4 laptop.

Three years later the logic board burnt out on it.
One year after that was fixed, the battery no longer charges and disconnecting it from the battery shuts it down.

My first IPhone died 4 months after buying it.

3 pairs of IPhone headphones all gradually lost sound in one earbud.

My 1 year old macbook pro now has problems with the AirPort connection. All signs are pointing to it being a hardware problem. I haven't found a single forum post with a resolution that is permanent. The apple care expired a month ago and I forgot to extend it.

My point? I have bad luck and Apple hardware may look nice, but it is worse than some other manufacturers. Yet it can cost a few 10 percentages more.

Is it worth it? I like not installing OS X every year or two to keep it running, although my bad windows experience was with win 2000. I like not getting viruses. I like the audio/video performance. I like Logic, which is why I switched in the first place.

But to be honest, the Apple hardware experience is getting me down. Nothing but failure after failure. And to make a repair will cost $300, due to the closed nature of the hardware. If I were on Windows I could at least pop a new CPU in myself for less than the cost of $350 Apple Care or the $300 flat bench fee.

Apple hardware is just like everything else I guess.

It just works, until it doesn't.