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Installing Komplete 7


Blog Post: 

I'm instaling NI Komplete 7 right now.  Almost done after 3 hours of swapping disks.  It's 90GB off a stack of DVDs which each take about 15-25 minutes to copy to disk.  What a chore to install!  However, there are things you can do to enhance the next few hours you'll be spending exploring the presets - if you're lucky enough to have enough time when finished.

After the first disk is done, all the plugins are installed, so you can poke around a bit while the massive Kontact and 9GB Battery are installed.  You can also start up ServiceCenter up and get your serial number input.  I didn't try to register until the install was done, didn't want to mess anything up.

Manuals for all the products are installed the Applications/Native Instruments folders in OS X.  The libraries are in Users/Shared.  I excluded this folder from Time Machine backup for the duration of the install, so it will not make requests to the disk while the DVD is being read.

After the Battery install is done, you can fire that up in demo mode and bang on the keyboard.  You can probably start up other stuff, but I took a look through the manuals before starting Battery.  You need to select your midi controller if you're using Battery in stand-alone mode.  You can then pick presets inside the plugin towards the top.

After the install is done, submit your ServiceCenter serial number (located on the back of the install case).  Then download and install the updates, which, for me totalled another 1GB or so. 

After all this, I have 13 new plugins for Logic to scan for a few minutes and then, finally, use.