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Free EXS24 Drumkit and Samples


Blog Post: 

This is my Sonor Force 3001 sampled and painstakingly placed into EXS24. There at least 4 velocity levels for each sound. Many more for the snare and kick.  Thousands have gone before you - download it with assurance you will have tasty drums coming forth from your amplified speaker system.

The snare has a left and right hand so you can play rolls on D-1 and E-2 easily. There is also a snare drum with snares off down below the kick at A-1 and G-0. Unzip the folder into ~/Library/Logic/Sampler Instruments and it should show up. (~ means your user directory)

Refresh the instrument list in the dropdown of exs24 if logic is open and you should see the instrument.

This setting takes advantage of multiple outputs, with the snare, kick and hihats going to discrete outputs for your processing needs. This is my first attempt at sampling an acoustic instrument. EXS24 likes to crash Logic. I had two crashes during my work on this.

The process I used to create the exs24 instrument went like this:

  • Setup the drumkit with multi-micing and make sure it sounds good.
  • Record hits on each drum, soft to loud with space for the decay in between each hit. I record all the mics and for every hit to get the full room sound of the hit. 
  • Bounce down to stere.
  • Find each group of recordings, for example all the snare hits from soft to loud, and cut them into a new region.
  • Audio->Strip Silence, to eliminate silence and break all the separate hits into regions.
  • Audio->Make new audio files from region.  Now you have actual audio files.  Cutting audio into bars is all virtual editing - this makes it real.
  • Drop audio into EXS24 and adjust velocities - the most time consuming step of this process.  Logic REALLY needs an auto-distribute function like every other stinking samper has by now.
  • Assign groups and pick outputs.
  • Make sure to save often.

Attached is an mp3 of me banging on the sampler and a Logic file with an example setup. CC Share and share alike.

If you're interested in getting my latest kits, please come to - you'll be treated to this kit as well as tutorials for Logic, MainStage and more.  I've also got a new kit called the RoomBoom Kit there which you'd probably like.

"This is a real natural and crisp sounding kit that’s a must have for your collection." -

"A free acoustic set: this is a Sonor drum kit, lovingly sampled and it comes in EXS24 format. It's really nicely laid out (you can use multiple outs, etc…) and pretty surprising that it's free." - anonymous internet user.